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UMass Amherst Life Sciences Alumni Network

The UMass Amherst Life Sciences Alumni Network – launched January 1, 2014 – is an Affinity Network of the UMass Amherst Alumni Association that aims to build a strong global community of UMass Amherst alumni with professions in the life sciences. The Network is a means of supporting common ideals, cultivating professional development, providing a sense of camaraderie, and fostering and maintaining a continued relationship between life sciences alumni and the university.

Group Leaders
Gabe McCool '95 BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, '01 PhD Microbiology

Jeffrey Kopacz '95 BS Microbiology (MS Johns Hopkins)

UMass Amherst is a nationally recognized public research university with an internationally renowned faculty who hold a long list of important contributions made in the life sciences.  The institution excels in world-class research, award-winning teaching, and distinguished outreach and service, and the university’s life sciences facilities are quickly becoming second-to-none.  With the recent editions of the Integrated Sciences Building and the Life Science Laboratories, as well as numerous other ongoing and planned constructions, the capabilities of the university to educate and conduct world-renowned research are limitless.  From innovations in knowledge and education, the development of new materials, systems, and tools, to partnering with the community, UMass Amherst engages in scientific discoveries that make it a leading educational institution recognized around the world.  UMass Amherst alumni forge meaningful, rewarding, and successful careers in the life sciences through a host of professional fields, including education, policy, research, business, and beyond.  Alumni recognize the inherent value of maintaining and growing relationships with one another after leaving the university, as well as keeping strong, lifelong ties with UMass.

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