About Us

The UMass Amherst Finance Alumni Network is a fast-growing alumni networking group that seeks to unite 330,000 UMass alumni worldwide, elevate the university’s brand to other top-ranked universities, and host monthly networking and distinguished alumni speaker events.  We welcome all UMass students and alumni, as well as alumni from other colleges and universities.

We started this Network in July 2010.  We recognized the opportunity to unite thousands of UMass alumni employed in finance and business-related fields.  We grew this group from scratch and have connected over 1,000 members in our active LinkedIn Group.  If you have not joined I encourage you to find us on LinkedIn and interact with us there.

Our group’s mission is simple.  We seek to:

  • Build a top-notch finance network for students, alumni, and friends of the University of Massachusetts.
  • Unite and engage alumni and students
  • Host monthly social and speaker events, and
  • Develop professional opportunities for our member base.

Our vision is to reach 5,000 active members within a few years, so we need your help to expand.  If you think 5,000 is an outrageous number, consider these numbers:

  • There are roughly 330,000 UMass alumni worldwide.
  • There are roughly 220,000 UMass Amherst-alumni.
  • Approximately 55,000 UMass alumni are employed in financial services in MA.

We are looking to unite 10% of our alumni base within the next several years.  We don’t think 10% is too big of a number.  Please share our Network with your friends and colleagues.  All are welcome to attend our events and engage with our group.

We are one Network, but will operate several regional chapters.  We launched our New York chapter in April 2011, led by our friend Mike Saloio.  We have roughly 200 active members that live in or around New York City.  We are looking to expand to other cities in 2012.  If you have suggestions to expand to other cities, let us know!

Add your name to our contact list to be notified of upcoming events in your area.

Also, join our LinkedIn group for news and event updates.

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